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If you have questions about a border you purchased, please visit our support section first. Most common issues are addressed there.

Support Policy

We no longer offer support, although we will make an exception for billing issues (for example, if you accidentally ordered the same item multiple times). We now offer refunds instead of providing support. However, please note that refunds are granted at our sole discretion. We may not issue a refund in cases where you have downloaded the file already, are blaming us for your lack of knowledge in how to download, use or print the border, etc. An explanation regarding this change can be found at the bottom of the page.

Requesting a Refund

If you want to request a refund, please email with details on your order including your PayPal address. Note that we will consider all requests for support to be a refund request (unless the request is related to billing), so ignoring this policy will not result in you receiving support. Before contacting us, note our policies on refunds below:

  1. You no longer have any legal right to use the border once we issue a refund. Your license is permanently revoked the moment the refund is processed. You must delete the border files and cease all use of them.
  2. You will not be allowed to order again in the future. This is to prevent abuse. Note that due to the way PayPal works, it isn't possible to prevent a payment from going through, but the order won't be processed by our cart. You would need to request a refund if this happens.
  3. You can't abuse this policy to get free stuff. A refund request will be refused if we believe you are doing this.
  4. This policy doesn't apply to our bundle of all borders.

The Reason for This Change

The reason we are adopting this policy is that roughly 99.9% of our customers never request support. Our $0.99 pricing is based on complete automation of the checkout and delivery process. The moment we receive a support request, that is disrupted. Unfortunately, most of our support requests aren't reasonable. The majority of customers who do contact us fall into one or more of the following categories: they ignore our support materials, don't respect our support limitations, don't provide any information we require to assist them, and are often not polite. For example, we regularly receive support requests for Microsoft Word despite the fact that we have numerous notices throughout our site that we don't offer any support for it. This is even in our terms of use. It isn't feasible to sell the borders at $0.99 and offer that level of support.

A few customers do have legitimate support requests, and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience to them. However, we do need to make this change to avoid a price increase on all customers. We have invested a lot of time into making sure everything works properly, creating support materials covering common issues, etc. While this has reduced support volume over time, we are still seeing mostly support requests as described above. We would have preferred to not have to take this step, but see no other option after all we have tried.