Downloading Borders

If you have purchased a border and are experiencing an issue with downloading the border, here are some suggestions for solving common issues:

Downloading on iPads, Tablets, or Other Mobile Device

In every case where we have been contacted about download issues with a mobile device, our records show that the file has been downloaded. However, mobile operating systems like Android and Apple's iOS don't allow access to the file system without downloading one or more apps. Many customers believe the file hasn't downloaded due to this.

You will need two to four different apps to use the borders on a tablet. Note that some of these apps may be paid. Here are the apps you may need:

  • A file explorer app to access the zip file
  • An app for extracting zip files
  • An app for opening and editing the border
  • An app for printing

Because of the complexity of using a border on a tablet, we recommend downloading and using the border on a desktop or laptop instead. Please note that we are unable to offer any support for downloading or using borders on a tablet if you choose to ignore this advice. However, you may contact us for a refund in this situation.

Getting a New Download Link

Generally, there is no need to contact us to request a new download link if you have already used the download link. You just need to click the same link you clicked previously. This will be in the email you received from us. The exception to this is if you receive an error that the link has expired.

Firewalls or Other Security Restrictions

Security rules on your network may prevent you from downloading. If this occurs, try downloading outside of the network or speak to your network administrator for assistance. This issue is especially common with business and government networks.

Opening the File Instead of Saving It

You may be given the option to download or open the file when you visit the download link for your purchase. If you choose to open the file, it is possible the download will fail. This is because many programs don't support opening zip files. You should save the file to your computer and extract the files from the zip file before trying to open the border files in Microsoft Word or another program.

There Is No Download Link

This is usually caused by using an outdated browser or security settings that prevent the link from displaying. If you are using an older browser, you should upgrade to a new version. If your network or computer has security settings that prevent the link from displaying, you would need to modify the settings to allow the link to display. Alternatively, you could try accessing the download from a different computer or network.

My Download Link Expired

If your download link no longer works, contact us and we will send you a new link. Our download links expire after three months, but we can always send you a new link if you need to download your border again.

I Still Can't Download

If you are still unable to download the file for your purchase, please contact us. We will issue a refund.