Printing Borders

Here are some suggestions for solving common issues with printing:

The Border Doesn't Print to the Edge of the Paper

You need a printer that supports borderless printing in order to print to the edge of a piece of paper. Note that this only applies to borders that are designed without white space around the edges. Please consult the documentation for your printer to determine whether your printer supports this and how to set it up if the feature is supported. Note that some printers may support borderless printing on smaller photo paper, but not 8.5 x 11 paper.

If you need to print to the edge, but your printer doesn't support it, you may be able to use a professional printing service. They will usually be able to print to the edge or trim the white edges for you.

Difference in Colors Between Screen and Print

Colors may appear differently in print compared to what you see on screen. This is normal. The differences will usually be slight, but this may vary based on your monitor settings, printer, and other factors. Visit this site for a more technical explanation.